Little O is talking so much.  He has conversations at this point.  He doesn’t always understand what you’re asking him, but he talks and talks.  Recently, his parents have realized that he is aware of when you are taking about him.  So, while they had been careful about ‘bad language’ they are now also taking precautions not to discuss Little O in front of him – at least not in a way that isn’t kind.

He does repeat back what he hears.  Sometimes immediately and sometimes days later.  It’s so interesting what little tidbits stick.

Two recent favorites:
The Huz was welding on the floor for a week or so at work. His back was pretty cramped up and when he got home he couldn’t be rowdy Dad as usual.  When Little O  asked him to “play with me”, the Huz kept saying “I can play with you Bud, but I have to sit on the couch. My back hurts.”
“Can you play with me?”
“My back hurts”
Over and over. Eventually Little O understood.
The next morning – his pat refusal to the Parakeet “My back is hurting.  I can’t”
Boys and their Dads.

While driving down Lake Shore last week, someone cut off the Parakeet.  She had Little O in the back of the car and she shrieked, “Ah! That dude almost hit me”
Owen responded, “Mom, we don’t hit. We just pat.”
There you have it, drivers – Just Pat.


3 responses to “Words.

  1. OMG. He’s too funny. I love that you’re blogging again so I can follow along!

  2. uncle jacob and i are definitely due another visit since little o is talking so much! we love owen quotes. i like to rub my eyes and mumble, “i dont need to,” like owen did a lot while you and john were gone on the cruise!

  3. Yes, Erin. even his refusals are polite. Sometimes he yells at us, ” No Thank You!!!!!”

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