Blizzard Time

It is true. The Midwest was ROCKED this week.  The Parakeet has for sure never seen this much snow.  The News keeps reminding her of this as they repeat over and over that it is the third-worst snowstorm to hit Chicago. EVER.

The hype seemed unreal, but the whole thing was pretty scary.  A friend from church was stuck on Lake Shore Drive for hours after work until he was put in a bus and taken to a hospital for BREAKFAST.

The Parakeet and Little O ran a few important errands the morning it all hit:  They went to Jewel for Milk. Yes -with everyone. Sorry – who wants to dig your car out just for milk. Then, they went to the library and returned Little O’s books for some fresh stories. Hey – they needed options if the next 48 were going to be mandatorally inside.  Then, to the thrift store! Why was that so important as a precursor to Snowmaggedon? Well….the Parakeet hadn’t bought Little O any snowpants this year.  She kept meaning to, but wondered if he’d really use them and pretty soon it is February 1st and he has no snow pants and neither does Target. If Target doesn’t have it, ya’ll…..So she went to the trusty Village Discount and in a reliable 2T Navy Blue…VICTORY! Once the snow stops falling – surely it will be awesome to fall down all over it.

Two Side Notes:  1.  The Huz and Parakeet gave up their garage to cut expenses. On Feb 1st.  Unfortunate. 2.  The Parakeet took a call from her boss about getting their office a new refrigerator at some point during these errands. The phone is no where to be found – lost in the snowpocalypse between library and thrift. Unfortunate – again.

So, the blizzard came just as ‘they’ said. By 2pM the skies were looking white. The huz headed home around 2:30 and little O slept sound.  The Parakeet channeled her mid-western genes (biological and acquired) and put an Arm Roast in the crock pot with potatoes and onion and cream of mushroom soup.  Then, she worked on the computer until the Huz came through the door.

It snowed and snowed and snowed and howled and snowed.  They started Friday Night Lights on netflix. That show is good. They went to bed at 1AM. It was still snowing….

The next day…

That is our street. Under there. Somewhere.  At the top of the pic was a person walking around with skis. Smart thinking – they were moving quicker than most.

On the right, the poor car. Oh jeez….

Tromp-ing down the ‘sidewalk’

It’s hard to resist that pretty white SNOW!!


2 responses to “Blizzard Time

  1. Um when did you start watching Friday Night Lights? love that show! And how do you like Netflix and I forgot that my co-worker lives near you–Melissa Resh. What a crazy small world. 🙂

  2. We just started watching it during the blizzard – I’m obsessed! It makes me fall in love with Texas Football boys.
    Yes – Melissa loves you n- she lives right above us. She’s doing great with the new baby.
    And…we have had netflix for years. Now we have a blu-ray adn we can watch them instantly on tv. We’ve cancelled everything else -that’s all we do 🙂

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