Crafty Fun

Winter does seem the to do some making of things. Seriously – no picnics to plan, beaches to lay on or trees to climb – so, make something.

The Parakeet went way back to her youth on two accounts a week or so ago.  She made sure that Little O sent thank you cards AND they decorated them with potato stamps.  This is super easy. She cut a potato in half. Then, she used small cookie cutters to outline the shapes into the potato. She cut away the extra with a knife.  She laid out envelopes and cards on Little O’s cool table and he stamped away.  He liked to rub the stamp around, so most of you got ‘splotchy’ cards but hopefully you are appreciating the sentiment

The Parakeet also got out the sewing machine recently. For the first time in a while. She has never been a seamstress and barely knows how to do the basics, but she has been wanting to do more and more. She made her littlest nephew a blanket for Christmas. She had a few fights with the bobbin, but all in all it worked. She did a second one for a friend whose baby is due in March.  That one went even smoother after the Keet chatted with her mom about tension and reading manuals.  One can only get better with practice….

Saturday,  the Keet and O made Valentine’s.  After sweeping and vacuuming and watching sparkles fly off the O as he ran from room to room – the Huz made an official request that no glitter be used in the house for one month. Noted. No pics of those yet – you might be getting one in the mail.

Now, go make something.


2 responses to “Crafty Fun

  1. oooo…I love the potato stamp idea! What kind of paint did you use? I may have to put that into action someday. 🙂
    love you guys and hope you’re digging out of the snow!

  2. Hey Amy – I just used O’s Crayola Finger Paint, but I bet you could do a poster paint or something else washable.

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