Then, it got FUN

The wonder of the city being covered in a foot and a half of snow is….where will they put it?
On Friday morning, Little O had music class.  I believe it is actually musik class, but that isn’t important.  The Parakeet was very ready to get him out of the house and allowed a lot of time for walking to the car (playing in the snow) and getting to class (finding a parking spot that was shoveled out and available).

Somewhat related tangent:  The Huz spent over an hour and a half clearing the snow out from around their car so the Parakeet would be able to escape Friday morning. The spot was, understandably, occupied when she came home and she shoveled her way into another one. Saturday, she went to a party for work in the afternoon.  When she returned, both the spots they had shoveled were reserved with lawn chairs.  Seriously?  It is one thing to hold the spot you slaved over digging out with furniture. It’s another to hold the spot WE shoveled out with furniture.

Back to the fun part:  Little O was ready to go outside. He had four layers on top, three on bottom, two pairs of socks, gloves, a hat….he was prepared.
The snow that gets plowed doesn’t go away when the wind chills are below zero, so the corner of our block has a HUGE pile. Little O and the Keet have nicknamed it “Snow Mountain”.  Friday morning, he worked very hard to get himself to the top.  He paused momentarily for throwing “Snow Rocks”.  When he got to the top he said, “Yay! I did it! Now I can see all the cars.”  Well, pretty much with the O-ster it’s always about cars. and trucks.


2 responses to “Then, it got FUN

  1. That’s what I’m talking about! All I could think about once stuff was plowed was how much fun it would be to be only a couple feet tall and climb the snow hills!

  2. Yeah – he’s like at the level of our knees, looking at me and John and yelling “oh, it’s so tall….it’s so tall….”

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