Toddler and Teen

“They” say there are many common behaviors among the Toddlers and the Teenagers both struggling for independence but still needing lots of guidance.   Little O has said and done a few things lately the Keet and Huz didn’t think they’d see for at least ten years.  Again: The Naivete of Parenting.

*  Little O has started to take showers.  The WIN: the bathroom is much cleaner, bath-time is a little shorter, and there are WAY less battles over ‘splashing’ and general rowdiness.  The Surprise:  Little O often asks his parents to leave the bathroom saying that he needs his privacy

* Little O takes long afternoon naps – for that his parents are eternally grateful.  He doesn’t always wake up in the best mood.  Around 4 or 4:30 PM, the Parakeet tried to wake him the other day.  He yelled from his bed “I Sleeping!”  When she left the room with the door ajar – she promptly heard it slam 10 seconds later

* During the testy after-nap period, the Parakeet was putting underwear on Little O.  He was fussing and she said, ” I Love you”.  He looked at her and said, “I too cranky to love you”

* Little O turned around and around in circles in the living room sometime last month.  Completely dizzy, he fell to the ground.  He stood up and said, “Mom, the House is falling down.”  The Parakeet really thought she could put off that conversation.

* The Huz often ends his day with a beer. To each his own.  The bottle was sitting on the end table in the living room.  The Parakeet walked in to Little O setting the bottle back on the table and grinning, a frothy little mustache over his lip.  “I tried the beer, Mom”.  Oh. My. Word. He. Liked. It. (see above conversation)

Parenting Note: A Much Closer Eye is being kept on all alcoholic beverages

*Pretty much anytime they are putting Little O into his car-seat he exclaims, “I want to drive!”. Teenager.

* Little O is pretty close to potty-trained.  After doing his business today, he ran streaking out of the bathroom and proceeded to place his bare tushy up against the front living room window.  The Parakeet tried to get him to come back to her. He was contradictory and spent two minutes in time-out.  When asked what he did wrong he said, “I Naked in the Window”

So…here’s hoping the next ten years are LONG…….the Parents in this house are gonna need a little respite.


4 responses to “Toddler and Teen

  1. Are you kidding me? Best post ever. loved it. totally relate. should cut and paste onto our blog. 🙂

  2. I mean – door slams? for real?!

  3. Hahaha! I checked off and I think Paul and I have done all of these in the past week. To funny! We miss you!

  4. Hi abi, I need to know – was it you or Paul who decided to moon the neighborhood? HA!

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