His Feminine Side

There are many ways that Little O is “all boy” as they say.  His love of trucks nears obsession.  He does not stay still for more than 30 seconds. When he has been inside too long, he yells like a caged animal.  He often  hugs other children just so he can throw them to the ground to wrestle.

But he is also a sensitive kid very concerned about who is crying and why.  He often asks if we are ‘very sad’.  He will tell me when he needs “to cry a little bit” and when  he is “just a little sad”.  He is often looking in the mirror perfecting his pout lip when he says these things – but that is for another post.   He also has  a lot of time with Mom who sells skincare and other beauty products.  He asks to go to Arbonne parties and he is very determined to get into that makeup case.  Here he is below having some QT with his mama:

Can’t go to bed with wet hair in February

Who doesn’t need Gold Heels?

Ok. Vacuuming is not feminine, but the Parakeet does so few chores – there had to be documentation.


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