Books in the Bed

Little O did very well transitioning out of the crib.  His parents moved him around Christmas to help with potty-training.  In the morning, he didn’t always understand that he could get out and tell them he was awake.  He did understand he could play in his room until he fell asleep at night, though.

They created a little routine of putting all the toys back in the toy chest and saying good night.  This prevented a lot of the play because he can’t open the toy chest on his own. He did, however, have access to his books.  It seemed to be he was sleeping in later and later.  The Keet and Huz would find a few books stacked on his bed or up on his toy chest.  Some  nights they would pull 9 or 10 books out of his bed when they went to check on him before going to sleep themselves.

Then, one morning, the Keet heard him rustling around in his room.  She went in to see him on the floor playing.
His shelf looked like this:

And his bed looked like this:

Hilarious.  Little O now understands that books sleep in their shelves.  There haven’t been too many instances since this huge pile-up.  The clean-up entertained everyone for a good 15 or 20 minutes and these days that is saying something.


One response to “Books in the Bed

  1. I loved the pictures! What a pile of books on the bed. Surely he will love books forever. His Mimi does. You should see my Audible Library! lovesue

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