Love those Dishes

The Parakeet and the Huz have had so many heart-to-hearts lately – it’s getting ridiculous. Nothing like parenting and money to make you just WORK.ON.COMMUNICATING.
So…after some passive-aggressive attempts, the Parakeet straight-up asked for some more help around the house.  She needs those two hours after bed-time to follow up with clients and book more appointments.  The Huz has been very obliging and often cleans up the dishes and kitchen before plopping on the couch for the rest of the eve.
Last night, the Parakeet made chocolate chip cookies, meatloaf, brocolli and mashed potatoes.  at the same time. -They brought dinner to some friends who are new parents and then they ate the rest themselves.
While she was on the phone and clicking away at the computer, the Huz poked his head out of the kitchen, “I know what I want for dinner tomorrow night.”
“Oh yeah, what?”
“Something that takes just one pan.”


3 responses to “Love those Dishes

  1. awesome :o) I can totally relate to the whole “one pan” meal thought that frequently runs through my head… as I eye the pile of dishes in my kitchen.

  2. What a good Huz you have

  3. runyanthree

    are you kidding me–I always tell Eric not to transfer things from a pan to a bowl–no need to dirty another dish–let’s just scoop it right out of the pan onto our plates. I mean really. 🙂

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