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Baking away the Day

The Parakeet was able to score a Groupon to this cool place a few months ago.  She finally coordinated with a friend and they took Little O and Little Z to a class together where they made Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadillas.  YUM!  The kids were all 2 and 3 years old.  Their parents helped them, of course -but there was a lot for the child to do and the moms agreed they would definitely recommend the place, especially with a Groupon.  O told the teacher he didn’t like every ingredient – sweet potato, garlic, onion, black bean – but always helped chop it.  Then, when his quesadilla came out of the oven, he took a bite looked up at her and said, “I DO like it”  He was as surprised as everyone else.

That same week, GB had sent a box of new toys and other fun things to help Little O get through the last of winter.  Hopefully.  It included a wonderful child’s baking set with real utensils, pans and a great Teddy Bear cookie cutter.  One Chilly morning the Parakeet and Little O decided to make spring cookies and pretend it wasn’t cold outside.  They made bunnies, teddy bears, flowers, and stars.  Little O picked the color orange for some of the icing.  With orange and white icing and a variety of random sprinkles, they decorated a full batch of spring cookies.   Below is a video of a moment or two of that activity – Little O seems to be very careful with the sprinkles.  It might be because the night before he had learned to “pinch” the salt and pepper during his cooking class.



This is what a lot of his days look like between 5 and 6 PM.  The Parakeet decides she won’t get a real dinner made or if she does it will be ready after the O-ster heads to bed, so he gets PASTA! Little O loves the pasta.  She scrambles to either cook something else for herself and the Huz or put on makeup and grab her things to head out for Arbonne as soon as the Huz gets home.  Little O follows her with his eyes from his little table in the kitchen.  He stuffs his mouth full with a whole-grainy parmesean-y pile of spirals and then trys to talk.
He gets a lot on the floor.  He stirs it around.  It’s a small thing that his mom would like to remember.  This is the way dinner was at this time in their lives.


The Russell family was so lucky to get to leave the Midwest chill for a weekend at the end of February and see Uncle J and Erin get Married!!
If you are looking for some hilarious horror story of a flight – so sorry to disappoint.  They all three flew with no delays and all their bags – even with a connection through Atlanta. SCORE!
Little O was so excited to have his own seat and watch movies that it was all pretty smooth.
They landed on Friday afternoon in Savannah, GA.  Their gracious hosts drove them to Bray’s Island in South Carolina where the wedding took place. Oh.My.Goodness.
It was beyond beautiful and the temp was close to seventy degrees!  It was a very quick trip – the Huz, Keet, and Little O were back on a plane 48 hours later, but they soaked up the sun and every minute of family time they could.  Little O played so well with his cousins.
Uncle J and Erin were absolutely glowing the entire time. It was just great.
Most of the pics below are by Kevin Keelan (it will be easy to tell what he took and what the Keet took).  Kevin is wonderful and also did photography for The Keet’s wedding and Aunt M and Uncle R’s wedding.  So, please don’t use his pictures -OK? Cool.

This is where some of the guests stayed and where GB and Poppy hosted the rehearsal dinner.  Again – Oh My.  Little O yelled out, “Mom, the leaves are back!” as they pulled up the drive.  He in fact commented on the weather a lot which shows how little ones are sometimes even more in tune with nature than it may seem.  He also told the Huz he was going to play outside with “just his shirt on”.  He was so excited to run and run and run through the lawns, attempt to climb trees, throw rocks in the water, and look for birds (that is a whole different post).

This little carriage house was just for the Parakeet, Huz, and Little O.  It was pretty much awesome.  Someday they will put rocking chairs in front of a house they own and watch littles run around.  Two days was good for now.

They boys had a babysitter during the rehearsal dinner.  The Huz scooped them up afterwards; they were giggling messes.  They also happened to pack the same jammies.

Everyone managed to be ready 2 hours before the wedding for photos – 4 children included.  They did not manage, however, to get O to take his hand out of his mouth or nose or look forward or not run away or cry.  He’s 2.  Those matching ties on the wee men looked pretty great, yeah?

Then they had to keep them looking nice in those nice ties for 2 hours -much running!

The wedding was outside in these beautiful ruins called “old Sheldon Church”.  It was built during the revolutionary war and again during the civil war.
No need for decorations with this natural scenery.
Instead of a wedding party, they had this great moment when their parents came up to pray over them. Very moving and Special.

And now they are off to go live in their fairy castle and drink out of acorn cups. What ? Sorry. It just looks too perfect.

Little O’s favorite part….
the Cupcakes!! He even brought it up just today, “Uncle Jacob’s wedding had cupcakes”  yes it did, Bud. Good memory.

For a Friend

The Parakeet is lucky to have some pretty great people in her life and to have crossed paths with many, many great people along the way.

Two of her dear friends, Dana and Hunter, moved to LA four (?) years ago from Chicago to pursue their acting dreams.  They accidentally started a successful blog while planning their wedding.  They have also both scored some pretty sweet performing gigs as well.
Dana, though, has battled an unique illness through all of this.  The Parakeet sends her love to Dana out in LA and asks all of you to read Dana’s post below on dealing with this autoimmune disease.  She has started a fundraiser and you can help with recipes or dollars – but her story also gives some real food for thought to the whole I-want-to-be-an-artist-but-I-still-need-Health-Insurance thing.  It’s tough and this is a great human example of the situation.
Thanks for checking her out:

Dishing for Dana

Love & Logic

The Post title references a parenting book the Parakeet just adores.  On her good days, that is how she’d like to parent.  Some of it must be working, seeping in when she isn’t distracted, over-tired or impatient.
This afternoon, Little O is precariously perched atop the couch back. The Parakeet asks him to be careful. He laughs. She asks him to get down. He grins.
“Little O, you can get down off the couch or you can go to Time Out”
Instant change on his face
“Those are not the choices, Mom”
“Yeah, bud – those are the choices.  You can get down or you can go to time out”
“I don’t want to go to Time Out”
“Then I guess you should get down off the couch”
“Oooo…..” he slowly crawls down.
“That was a choice, Mom”
Yes, Bud.  Yes it was.  “It was a good choice, O. Good Choice”