Love & Logic

The Post title references a parenting book the Parakeet just adores.  On her good days, that is how she’d like to parent.  Some of it must be working, seeping in when she isn’t distracted, over-tired or impatient.
This afternoon, Little O is precariously perched atop the couch back. The Parakeet asks him to be careful. He laughs. She asks him to get down. He grins.
“Little O, you can get down off the couch or you can go to Time Out”
Instant change on his face
“Those are not the choices, Mom”
“Yeah, bud – those are the choices.  You can get down or you can go to time out”
“I don’t want to go to Time Out”
“Then I guess you should get down off the couch”
“Oooo…..” he slowly crawls down.
“That was a choice, Mom”
Yes, Bud.  Yes it was.  “It was a good choice, O. Good Choice”


2 responses to “Love & Logic

  1. Sara, there is a really good book based on the same principles but with more of a Christian slant on it. It is by Danny Silk and is called “Loving Our Kids on Purpose.” I’ve gone to Love & Logic workshops, read books, etc. for years, but the first chapter of this book gave me a new phrase that I love! “It’s not about obedience; it’s about relationship.” (This is my paraphrase!) But that is exactly what our relationship with God is like!! He’s not all caught up in how well we obey (although life will go better for us if we do), He just wants a real relationship with us!! The only time He is concerned about “sin” is when we are stuck in the middle of it! 😦
    Anyway, I thought you might want to look it up at some point, or maybe I’ll send it to you when I’m done. It’s good!

    Love ya’!

  2. Thanks Lisa. That sounds great

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