For a Friend

The Parakeet is lucky to have some pretty great people in her life and to have crossed paths with many, many great people along the way.

Two of her dear friends, Dana and Hunter, moved to LA four (?) years ago from Chicago to pursue their acting dreams.  They accidentally started a successful blog while planning their wedding.  They have also both scored some pretty sweet performing gigs as well.
Dana, though, has battled an unique illness through all of this.  The Parakeet sends her love to Dana out in LA and asks all of you to read Dana’s post below on dealing with this autoimmune disease.  She has started a fundraiser and you can help with recipes or dollars – but her story also gives some real food for thought to the whole I-want-to-be-an-artist-but-I-still-need-Health-Insurance thing.  It’s tough and this is a great human example of the situation.
Thanks for checking her out:

Dishing for Dana


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