This is what a lot of his days look like between 5 and 6 PM.  The Parakeet decides she won’t get a real dinner made or if she does it will be ready after the O-ster heads to bed, so he gets PASTA! Little O loves the pasta.  She scrambles to either cook something else for herself and the Huz or put on makeup and grab her things to head out for Arbonne as soon as the Huz gets home.  Little O follows her with his eyes from his little table in the kitchen.  He stuffs his mouth full with a whole-grainy parmesean-y pile of spirals and then trys to talk.
He gets a lot on the floor.  He stirs it around.  It’s a small thing that his mom would like to remember.  This is the way dinner was at this time in their lives.


One response to “average

  1. Grandpa & Grandma

    Sara, John and Little O. We loved your letters, pictures and the video. Also loved the comments on Jacob and Erin’s wedding – we were honored to be there also – but got to stay only about as long as you did. Great fun. We always read all your comments, and look for more.

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