Baking away the Day

The Parakeet was able to score a Groupon to this cool place a few months ago.  She finally coordinated with a friend and they took Little O and Little Z to a class together where they made Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadillas.  YUM!  The kids were all 2 and 3 years old.  Their parents helped them, of course -but there was a lot for the child to do and the moms agreed they would definitely recommend the place, especially with a Groupon.  O told the teacher he didn’t like every ingredient – sweet potato, garlic, onion, black bean – but always helped chop it.  Then, when his quesadilla came out of the oven, he took a bite looked up at her and said, “I DO like it”  He was as surprised as everyone else.

That same week, GB had sent a box of new toys and other fun things to help Little O get through the last of winter.  Hopefully.  It included a wonderful child’s baking set with real utensils, pans and a great Teddy Bear cookie cutter.  One Chilly morning the Parakeet and Little O decided to make spring cookies and pretend it wasn’t cold outside.  They made bunnies, teddy bears, flowers, and stars.  Little O picked the color orange for some of the icing.  With orange and white icing and a variety of random sprinkles, they decorated a full batch of spring cookies.   Below is a video of a moment or two of that activity – Little O seems to be very careful with the sprinkles.  It might be because the night before he had learned to “pinch” the salt and pepper during his cooking class.


3 responses to “Baking away the Day

  1. Yes, O was MUCH more cooperative than Z! But she was pleased as could be when it was time to get back in the Ergo and get on the bus. Oh well! It was still fun. 🙂 Z. is much more of a pastry chef, always demanding “more flour!” as we use our rolling pins.

  2. I absolutely adore your writing style. O is precious, and it was so nice to hear your voice after all these years… getting to see what old friends are up to makes me incredibly thankful for technology. ❤

  3. Thanks, Cheryl! I do love the blogs and the facebook for just that reason. It’s nice to see what everyone is doing. Mostly it is so lovely to realize I would choose all my old friends again 🙂 They are wonderful adults.

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