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A Conversation with O

As happens at his age, as soon as you get little O in the car he “has to go potty”.  Nevermind you asked him ten times before leaving the house, nevermind you just carried a sippy-cup, a coffee mug, two umbrellas, a large purse, and a very tall 2 year old to the car.  The act of putting that all into the vehicle safely and securely feels harrowing enough – now can you just leave for your destination? But 3 out of 4 times, “Mom, I have to go Potty” are the first words after the click of the Parakeet’s own seat-belt.  AAARRRGGGHHHH. “OK, sweetie, let’s run back in but make it Reeeeaaallll fast”.  Notice how the Bird never loses her temper or says anything unkind to her child. Or uses sarcasm.

On Wednesday evening, the Huz had had enough of managing little O’s whines and was feeling the whine virus sneaking up on his own person.  When post-nap time was rainy, the Parakeet offered to whisk him off to the library for an hour.  They LOVE the public library on a rainy afternoon – it is FREE, it has PUZZLES, it has BOOKS, it is a 5 min drive – it is FREE.

As soon as Little O was all settled, “Mom I have to go potty”
“Well, honey I think you can go at the library”
“But I have to go potty, Mom”
“I think you can go at the library”, She pulled away from the curb and onto the street.
“I don’t know if I can hold it”
“Well, buddy I’m driving now and you can go when we get to the library”
“OK, I’ll just wiggle my toes”

All bad moods have disappeared.  When trying to be patient, would you all just wiggle your toes?


Easter 11

The Bird has to tell you about Easter – like every year – it is still her favorite. This was no exception.  It felt low-key and easy.  Mimi sent O a cute Easter outfit.  GB sent enough goodies to fill his basket.  The Keet and Huz recently reconnected with some dear, old friends who came over for Easter dinner (and brought half the food).  It really was relaxed and lovely.

Little O dyed eggs this year.  It felt nearly cliche to be so excited watching him get so excited.  He didn’t know the egg was going to come out of the cup a whole different color! So genuine and so sweet.

He woke up bright and early and was excited to see “new stuff” on the living room floor in his Easter basket.  The Keet and Huz rolled out of bed to watch him look at each thing.  By 8AM, the Keet had to take him outside where he could use his new shovel and gardening tools and look for bugs and worms with his new magnifying glass.  Church wasn’t until 11.

Service was lovely.  They decided to try and keep O in the pews through the children’s message.  He loved the processional and was mostly quiet.  He did ask to go potty  – of course.  The Huz left with him and as they came back into church, Pastor had moved into the central aisle.  O came trotting in and yelled “I’m back!”  Pastor acknowledged, “good to see you, O” and everything continued on – oh JEEZ – I think you know whose kid this is!  The Huz and Keet had been telling him that Jesus came on Easter until he got too scared that Jesus was going to be in his room or something and the explaining got too confusing for all involved.

After his nap, we had a lovely dinner with friends who were way too indulgent and helpful with the two-year old.  He had his Easter Egg Hunt party of one in the backyard.  Hilarious! 4 adults cheering him on with each discovery – might have to find him some competition next year.
The food was scrumptious.  They all went to bed early and full, the perfect way to end any Holiday.

Creating. Saving.

The Parakeet has found it hard to post over the past month or two.  It’s easy to blame Facebook and other time-wasters.  Most of the time, though, she thinks she “should” be doing something else (making a grocery list, bookkeeping for JRR, thank you notes to clients) and the blog should be the reward.  She learns time and again that isn’t really the truth. She is working to own her creative time.  The writing and choosing pictures helps her be a better mother, wife, business-owner, friend….
Saving her family’s memories (somewhere on the internet) is also of value.  Hopefully, this will be a record they can look back on 6 years from now or even six months from now.  Hopefully, the internet doesn’t disappear.

So – In earnest: a re-start, a re-cap, but not a re-committal – that seems too scary.

There will be more to come….