Creating. Saving.

The Parakeet has found it hard to post over the past month or two.  It’s easy to blame Facebook and other time-wasters.  Most of the time, though, she thinks she “should” be doing something else (making a grocery list, bookkeeping for JRR, thank you notes to clients) and the blog should be the reward.  She learns time and again that isn’t really the truth. She is working to own her creative time.  The writing and choosing pictures helps her be a better mother, wife, business-owner, friend….
Saving her family’s memories (somewhere on the internet) is also of value.  Hopefully, this will be a record they can look back on 6 years from now or even six months from now.  Hopefully, the internet doesn’t disappear.

So – In earnest: a re-start, a re-cap, but not a re-committal – that seems too scary.

There will be more to come….


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