As a parent, the parakeet does want O to be a free spirit – no need for rules for rules’ sake?  So this morning, when he thought it would be fun to wear one red shoe and one blue shoe – she  saw no good reason to say “No”.  They were getting ready to meet a few friends at the beach where he would take them off anyway.  No big deal.
Little O had a barefoot blast on the beach and so did his Mama. Who wouldn’t? it – it was 82 degrees at MOST.  There was sun and breeze.  Just perfect.  She had a little trouble wrangling the nearly three-year old when it was time to go.  He has a not-fun habit of running very far and very fast when he doesn’t want to leave.  This time he also had a large dump truck.  She scooped him under one arm, the dump truck in the other and threw all of their stuff in the ginormous red wagon.  Little O pulled it himself all the way back to the car.  He was sandy from head to toe.  Surely – he would go straight to the shower.   The Parakeet got some resistance on that front as well and the nap.  When he was finally clean and sleeping, she felt accomplished and worn out.  She picked up her cell phone to see a text message from her friend, “I have O’s shoes”
OH.MAN.  Now, he is essentially out two pairs of shoes – it could be a weekend of one red and one blue.  But he will have a bonus play-date in the near future.


One response to “Shoes

  1. love it. All I can think of though is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish…you should have worked that in somehow :o)

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