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Freeee! – Part One

This post is really about three and not free, but Little O pronounces it much closer to freee – so that’s the title.  August 20th was the big day.  It is so hard for the Parakeet to process that three years ago she was wheeled out of the OR and handed a screaming, wiry infant that instantly clung to her breast, quite literally, for life.  Just three short years ago.  How much has changed!

The birthday celebration was two-part for the O.  The first part was a trip to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Union, IL.  The second part was “cake and presents”.  Little O has known about part two for a while now, but part one was a SURPRISE until Thursday night.  The Keet and the Huz wanted Little O to be able to look forward to the trip, so they told him over dinner that on his birthday they would be driving out to take a ride on Thomas the Train.
HUGE SMILES. Endless questions, lots of talking….

In fact, he woke up at 4:30 on Friday morning asking if it could be morning, could it be his Birthday, is Thomas here? Oh.My.  They were able to get him to sleep a little longer and wait

On Saturday morning, Little O watched Thomas while he ate breakfast.  He fingered the brochure that came in the mail with his tickets.  He pointed at pictures and referred to his ‘map’.  The family loaded into the car, coffee cups full to drive out to Union – the Huz expected it to take just over an hour.

There wasn’t much traffic.  They moved along at a clip.  As they were about to exit the highway, the sky changed.  It was quick and thick and gray.  Little O asked from his carseat, “Why is the sky dark, dad?”   Well, it appears there is a major storm coming.  Neither parent checked the weather.  Why wouldn’t it be sunny and perfect on the Saturday morning of the third birthday of non-refundable Thomas the Train tickets?

It POURED.  The radio handed out flash flood warnings.  The Huz followed the winding signs through detoured and construction-laden roads to the Illinois Railway Museum.  They parked in the flooded out field and watched it pour.  The Keet knew there was no option but to go for it.  There was an old box in the back of the car.  The Huz unfolded it and used it to cover he and O’s head while she RAN.

They made the most of the morning and got matching blue ponchos for everyone.  The company was nice enough to be selling those at half-price.  Little O skipped a lot of the tents and they made sure to take the Thomas ride.  He was super agreeable and they were grateful for his happy personality watching MAJOR TODDLER meltdowns from so many other children in the park.  The Huz and Keet were definitely crankier than the Kiddo.  He was a superstar.

They drove home with a fun stop at Steak ‘N Shake where Little O was very excited to order a “grilled cheese please”.   He was just non-stop chatter and happiness.  It made the Huz and the Keet sooo happy to see him this way.  It seemed like he knew this was a very special day and he was a very special kid. soaked?
riding Thomas…through the corn…O found the whistle a little loud
so so happy!

so dark at 10:30AM, but still so crowded

Oh, Thomas…



Did She Really?

The Parakeet said two things to Little O today she was hoping to never say.

She was sitting at the dining room table and Little O was going to the bathroom.  He ran out with his pants around his ankles saying, ” I went a little potty on myself”.  He was trying to get a big laugh, so the Parakeet calmly answered, “go get a little piece of toilet paper, clean it up, and pull up your pants”.

She went back to her book.  A few seconds later Little O was standing next to her holding the toilet paper he had unrolled all the way from the bathroom.  This toddler habit of unrolling toilet paper drives the Huz crazy.  The Huz was outside prepping some paint samples for a client before he had to leave for a 4 – Midnight shift.  He was ‘on the edge’ and didn’t need un-rolled toilet paper.  Before she could edit herself the Parakeet hopped up, “You don’t want your dad to see that buddy! Roll it back up!”
Little O scurried back to the bathroom trying to re-roll and mumbling ” I don’t want my dad to see this…”
Oh jeez. The Bird had always hoped to be a firm parent in her own right and never to make the Huz the bad guy with “wait till your father comes home” talk, but oh well…3 years was close.

Then, as she was getting Little O ready for bed she asked him his favorite part of the day.  This is their routine leading into prayer so they can mention the things for which they are thankful.  Little O wasn’t  having it, ” I don’t want to pray”.  Mom leaves right after prayer and the sleeping is supposed to start, so praying is often an “I don’t want to” type thing.
“You don’t have to, bud, but Mom will pray – what should I say was your favorite part of the day?”
Little O reached up and put his hand over the Keet’s mouth.
WHAT???  She was soooo taken aback.
“We don’t do that, O.  You don’t put your hand over Mommy’s mouth”
He looked surprised, “Well, ____ does that to his mom when he doesn’t want her to talk.”  ______ goes to playgroup with O.
” It’s rude, O”
“Well, _______ does it”
” Well, Owen does not do it.  You don’t put your hand over your mommy’s or anyone’s mouth.  If you want me to stop talking you say, ‘Mommy, please stop talking’.  ”

It wasn’t quite “I don’t care if so and so gets to stay in a hotel after prom, you are going to be home by midnight “…..but she felt it coming, in her gut.