Monthly Archives: August 2012

On His 4th

For memory-sake, the Parakeet asked Little O a few questions on his 4th Birthday.

1.  What is your favorite color?  Green and Orange
2.  favorite toy? refused to answer
3.  favorite fruit? blueberries
4.  favorite tv show?  Curious George
5.  favorite food for lunch?  macaroni and cheese
6.  favorite outfit?  refused to answer (but he asks for his ‘pirate’ shirt a lot)
7.  favorite game?  refused to answer (but loves wrestling and fighting with dad and if he sits still he likes chutes and ladders)
8.  favorite snack? pirate’s booty
9.  favorite animal? giraffe
10.  favorite song?  row row row your boat
11.  favorite book?  The Little Engine that Could
12.  best friend?  Liam Graham
13.  favorite cereal?  Cheerios
14.  favorite thing outside? playground
15.  favorite drink? juice
16.  favorite holiday? christmas
17.  what do you like to take with you to bed at night?  cozy and pac (blanket and pacifier – maybe that won’t be the case at 5 year old bday?)
18.  favorite breakfast food?  pancakes
19.  what do you want for birthday dinner?  cake and pizza and hot dogs
20.  what do you want to be when you grow up?  refused to answer

XOXO Little O, cutie-pie Man.