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Long Time Readers, The Parakeet owes you an apology.  She hasn’t been filling you in on even the highlights of her hectic life in the city with a toddler and a husband.  Yes, husbands make things hectic. Do you have one?
It is part of her New Year’s Resolutions to get back on the blog.  Twice a week, you will hear from the little Bird.

Writing for this blog and choosing pictures and links is a nice little creative outlet, but more importantly – she has realized that it is her scrapbook and her memory lane.
Little O is getting so big these days.  He is going through so many changes, and because there is no large photo album in this house, she must take to the computer and catch it all before time, as they say, flies.

Looking forward to hearing more from all of you!


Halloween Weekend

The Parakeet wanted to choose for Little O a Halloween costume that reflected his true love: trucks.
Little O was an UPS driver. He loves the UPS man. Thanks to Arbonne – he sees him pretty often.  The driver has become a friend, too.  He always lets O hold the box and then he makes sure to honk the horn and wave as O watches him through the front window like a puppy.
One time little O was playing outside with the Parakeet when the truck arrived and the driver let O climb up inside.  Wow – that was exciting!

So…Little O was a “PS Man” for Halloween.  He had a “PS hat” and a “PS shirt” and he ‘drove his truck’ all over the house.  The costume will be the beginnings of the Russell dress-up box.  He just loved it too much.

The Saturday before Halloween they went to a birthday party for another adorable little dude.  It was a Halloween party – so Little O strutted his stuff.  They went straight from there to the Halloween party at church. Wow – lots of fun there, BUT the Huz and Keet finished the day in a sort of pizza/cupcake coma.  Too much Pizza. Too much cupcakes.

THEN, on Sunday they took Little O trick-or-treating.  They met their adorable little friend, Ilan, who was a dragon with his mama the Dragon Trainer and his dad – the Dad.  The boys sat in the wagon and went to about 5 houses before there were tears.  It’s a weird thing – telling the kids to go up to a strange door and ask for candy and walk away.  Eventually, Little O got it and then he was all “more candy”.  He never did say “trick or treat” at the right time – his shyness gets very selective, but he did tell one guy he needed to “go back to work”.  OOPS.
When they got home, the Parakeet thought it would be cute to take his picture next to the Jack-O-Lantern.  Little O who had eaten peanut butter and jelly, pizza and cupcakes for a day and a half thought otherwise.  Sugar overload and Toddler Meltdown.  It took him a while to fall asleep, but for the most part they all survived Halloween.

Folk and Roots

A few weekends ago our neighborhood had its annual “Folk and Roots” festival. The Parakeet and Huz have walked through most years and ate and drank and looked at trinkets and listened to the music in the background.  There is a “dance” tent and a “kids” tent and wonderful musicians on a main stage for two full days.  The whole event is a fundraiser for the Old Town School of Folk Music, which is just a pretty straight-up awesome place.
Anyway, this year one of the Parakeet’s dear friends invited the family to picnic and hang out at the Festival on the Saturday afternoon.  It was before O’s bedtime and since this friend is also his babysitter and pretty much favorite person – well, why not?
The Huz went to work a different music festival downtown (go, Chicago) and the Parakeet and Little O wheeled the little stroller into the park and parked it.  Little O was loving running around.  About ten minutes after they got settled on their blankets and un-packed snacks, some people from their church sat right next to them. So fortuitous since the eleven-year old often helps with nursery and absolutely loves Owen.  She had a small tent and a wagon with her and he was in HEAVEN.  Wandering between the two blankets, Little O stumbled into another circle of people who were sitting and drinking and enjoying themselves.
They were quite friendly, “how you doing, buddy?”
O took one look at the guy with hair to his shoulders and a beard and  yelled, “Monster!” and ran back to his mommy.

Florida Trip: Part A

One of the Parakeet’s oldest and dearest friends got married on May 1st. Woohoo! Congratulations, Jo and Brian!

The family had planned on going to Florida for the wedding – no questions asked.  When the Parakeet’s parents also suggested they take home a lot of furniture – they made a week of it.
The wedding was in beautiful Clearwater.  The Huz, Keet, and Little O flew into Sanford on Thursday before the wedding.  In order to fly into Sanford, they have to fly out of Rockford- nearly a two hour drive from Chicago.
Holy Moly – was that ever worth it!
The drive went uneventfully and the Keet and Huz didn’t even hear from Little O until over an hour and half into the drive. What? Yes. Can you believe it?  Now that it’s in print it will probably never happen again, but Little O was mesmerized by the highway sights and mostly just stared out the window and processed all the NPR stories with his parents in silence. 
They parked at the airport (for free) and a nice man in  Hawaiian shirt helped the Keet manage Little O and the bags into the check-in line.  There was no problem going through security – all retired people and families – and then there was a waiting room playing Disney’s Peter Pan complete with a kid-sized table.  The Keet and Huz drank a beer while Little O pushed his  cars around.  Seriously? This is an airport.  So much better than the business hussle bussle of O’Hare.  They boarded, and Little O knew he was getting on an airplane. He was so excited he was running into the people ahead of them.  The Huz had to pick him up and chill him out.  He did OK on that flight.  Luckily, they family had a two-seater row and his climbing all over the place and moving tray tables up and down was restricted to his parents.
He slept Easy Peasy that night happy to be at GB & Poppy’s house.
They all drove to Clearwater the next day. The Parents had hoped that two hour drive owuld be O’s nap, but alas the curse of sleep-training – sleeping is not for cars and strollers. duh.  So, they wrestled Little O down for a 3PM nap – which worked out nicely because he partied it up at the rehearsal dinner and stayed up until almost 10PM.
It was so fun to go to a wedding in a hotel like that.  The Parakeet and Huz had never done that before.  It was like taking a vacation with friends and family.  We got to play at the beach with Luke and Kristina and Ben.  The Parakeet also convinced her pregnant sister and her husband to come up and stay in their room to watch O during the wedding and reception.  Nice one.
Also, Poppy was performing the ceremony so he and GB were in an adjoining room. It was seriously one big party. 

Play Group

Today the Parakeet got a few moms and their children together for a potluck brunch.  There were eight children from ages 5 months to 3 years in her apartment this morning.  She moved the dining room table in anticipation, but…wow.  Those kids had some fun.  Every book, every block, every muffin….

Little O is napping hard. Mommy has loaded the dishwasher, but is taking a little break to put the pictures up for those who read about O’s life.
The Huz will come home to egg casserole and baked oatmeal for dinner. Don’t think he’s going to complain….

Halloween Has Boo

The Parakeet and Little O go to the library about every other week.  They always leave with three or four new books for the tike.  Sometimes he never lets her get past the second page and other times – he loves them! He definitely has opinions about which books he likes.  He also definitely wants at least four books a day.
So, recently, she checked out a lot of Halloween books for Little O.  One of them was titled, “Halloween Has Boo”.  It rhymed the whole way through and Little O was just taken with it immediately.  When he saw the cover, hw ould say, “Boo”. 
He started to say “Boo” whenever he saw a pumpkin.  So, by Halloween day, they had a little game worked out. Mama said, “Happy Halloween!” and Little O said “Boo”.  They amazed many people while out walking in the stroller.

The Huz worked on halloween (boo).  So, the Parakeet got Little O all dressed up in his Lion costume (they borrowed a fabulous one from a friend whose son wore it last year) and took him to a Spooktacular party at church.  Little O was frozen at first, but eventually found the CD player, the pizza, and some streamers.  Sounds like most middle school dances, right? anyway…
Fun Getting Dressed:

halloblog3The book above is “The Farmer and The Dell” by the way – big hit.
Then, they got to the party!!
Little O tried his hand at twister, but found his true love in the streamers.  He seriously ran back and forth through this thing for twenty minutes. 
Then, after a nap, some running around the house and a dinner of something other than pizza or cookies – they wheeled on over to a friend of the bird’s for some trick-or-treating.  Little O was very good at removing every piece of candy from the bowl and putting it in his bag. 


You can see they had to ‘urbanize’ this lion by this time of night and add the puffy vest.  The O-ster did climb up the stairs to a few houses, but mostly to show off his mane and “boo” skills.
In bed by 7:30. Phew what a night.

Social, Social…

Nearly two weeks ago now (the parakeet has to get better about updating this blog) the Bird and the Carpenter were able to attend a wedding reception for two great friends.  It was in Wrigleyville on a Saturday night.  Pretty much they haven’t done that sort of thing since the Parakeet was serving up improvised humor over a television screen to people who were eating dinner.  Not only did they get to spend some quality time with Chicago friends and reconnect with some people from the theater scene, they also got a special visit from two of their favorite people that live in L.A.  The Parkeet got a new little dress and tights and borrowed some Great booties from another friend.  They danced, drank, and stayed out late while another good friend watched their tivo and waited to see if O would light up the baby monitor (he did not) . It was so nice for them to get out on the Huz’ first day off in three weeks.  Enjoy some of the pics that the bird was able to catch when she remembered.