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This Day.
It’s only 2:30.  Little O woke up at 6AM.  He is standing next to his mother’s bed and remembering two promises, “It’s a play-mommy day, right?”
The Parakeet nods half-asleep.
“We’re making cupcakes and going to the playground, right?”
The Parakeet smiles, “That’s right bud.Good Memory!”  She high-fives him and rolls out of bed.
The huz says good-bye to them both and heads to the shop.  The bird and the O eat a quick breakfast and are making cupcakes by 7:15.  There isn’t enough sugar, and with a little convincing, the O walks with the Parakeet to a local convenience store that happens to be open before 8 to buy a bag of sugar.  They have to walk to a second one two blocks past the first.
When Little O tries to protest, “How could that store not be open?” The Parakeet quiets him with a “Well, most people are trying to sleep”
They return home and finish their chocolate cupcakes before 9:00.  As they bake O fills the sink to play with dishes and the Keet talks to her own mother on the phone.
After that it’s a bike ride to a lesser-visited playground, a chance run-in with a little girl from his pre-school.  They play together for an hour just fabulously.  They meet O’s old babysitter and the bird’s dear friend for more conversation and walking and playground-climbing.
Little O and the Parakeet make ham sandwiches and eat them in the backyard.
They make pink frosting and their chocolate cupcakes are ready for tomorrow’s baby shower.  Little O eats ‘just one’ and covers his in sprinkles left from Christmas.
He plays quietly by himself while she calls the Huz to check-in and reads one chapter of a book to herself.
She reads him a Dr. Suess favorite and he settles in for a nap.
It’s just 2PM and the day has been so full.  She cleans the baking dishes and sweeps the kitchen floor with a calm feeling that’s hard to explain.  As she tosses the crumbs into the trash, she realizes she is so happy, so grateful.  What a Saturday.  And only half-way done.


Creating. Saving.

The Parakeet has found it hard to post over the past month or two.  It’s easy to blame Facebook and other time-wasters.  Most of the time, though, she thinks she “should” be doing something else (making a grocery list, bookkeeping for JRR, thank you notes to clients) and the blog should be the reward.  She learns time and again that isn’t really the truth. She is working to own her creative time.  The writing and choosing pictures helps her be a better mother, wife, business-owner, friend….
Saving her family’s memories (somewhere on the internet) is also of value.  Hopefully, this will be a record they can look back on 6 years from now or even six months from now.  Hopefully, the internet doesn’t disappear.

So – In earnest: a re-start, a re-cap, but not a re-committal – that seems too scary.

There will be more to come….

Baking away the Day

The Parakeet was able to score a Groupon to this cool place a few months ago.  She finally coordinated with a friend and they took Little O and Little Z to a class together where they made Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadillas.  YUM!  The kids were all 2 and 3 years old.  Their parents helped them, of course -but there was a lot for the child to do and the moms agreed they would definitely recommend the place, especially with a Groupon.  O told the teacher he didn’t like every ingredient – sweet potato, garlic, onion, black bean – but always helped chop it.  Then, when his quesadilla came out of the oven, he took a bite looked up at her and said, “I DO like it”  He was as surprised as everyone else.

That same week, GB had sent a box of new toys and other fun things to help Little O get through the last of winter.  Hopefully.  It included a wonderful child’s baking set with real utensils, pans and a great Teddy Bear cookie cutter.  One Chilly morning the Parakeet and Little O decided to make spring cookies and pretend it wasn’t cold outside.  They made bunnies, teddy bears, flowers, and stars.  Little O picked the color orange for some of the icing.  With orange and white icing and a variety of random sprinkles, they decorated a full batch of spring cookies.   Below is a video of a moment or two of that activity – Little O seems to be very careful with the sprinkles.  It might be because the night before he had learned to “pinch” the salt and pepper during his cooking class.

Books in the Bed

Little O did very well transitioning out of the crib.  His parents moved him around Christmas to help with potty-training.  In the morning, he didn’t always understand that he could get out and tell them he was awake.  He did understand he could play in his room until he fell asleep at night, though.

They created a little routine of putting all the toys back in the toy chest and saying good night.  This prevented a lot of the play because he can’t open the toy chest on his own. He did, however, have access to his books.  It seemed to be he was sleeping in later and later.  The Keet and Huz would find a few books stacked on his bed or up on his toy chest.  Some  nights they would pull 9 or 10 books out of his bed when they went to check on him before going to sleep themselves.

Then, one morning, the Keet heard him rustling around in his room.  She went in to see him on the floor playing.
His shelf looked like this:

And his bed looked like this:

Hilarious.  Little O now understands that books sleep in their shelves.  There haven’t been too many instances since this huge pile-up.  The clean-up entertained everyone for a good 15 or 20 minutes and these days that is saying something.

Crafty Fun

Winter does seem the to do some making of things. Seriously – no picnics to plan, beaches to lay on or trees to climb – so, make something.

The Parakeet went way back to her youth on two accounts a week or so ago.  She made sure that Little O sent thank you cards AND they decorated them with potato stamps.  This is super easy. She cut a potato in half. Then, she used small cookie cutters to outline the shapes into the potato. She cut away the extra with a knife.  She laid out envelopes and cards on Little O’s cool table and he stamped away.  He liked to rub the stamp around, so most of you got ‘splotchy’ cards but hopefully you are appreciating the sentiment

The Parakeet also got out the sewing machine recently. For the first time in a while. She has never been a seamstress and barely knows how to do the basics, but she has been wanting to do more and more. She made her littlest nephew a blanket for Christmas. She had a few fights with the bobbin, but all in all it worked. She did a second one for a friend whose baby is due in March.  That one went even smoother after the Keet chatted with her mom about tension and reading manuals.  One can only get better with practice….

Saturday,  the Keet and O made Valentine’s.  After sweeping and vacuuming and watching sparkles fly off the O as he ran from room to room – the Huz made an official request that no glitter be used in the house for one month. Noted. No pics of those yet – you might be getting one in the mail.

Now, go make something.

With the Little O

The Parakeet loves to talk about all the different hats she wears.  The truth is, though, that most of her time is at home with the Little O.  Or Out with the Little O.  The other stuff is sometimes exciting and sometimes obligatory, but the bulk of her time is still with the O-ster.

As an active two-year old boy, this winter in the city is proving a challenge.  He sometimes literally walks in circles yellling.  She has been trying to get creative with him and they certainly had plenty of Christmas activities to help through December. Craft projects are engrossing for O and help pass a frigid morning.

Last week, the Parakeet decided they would celebrate Epiphany.  They made felt crowns and read the story from the bible of the wise men visiting Jesus.  O LOVED making the crowns.  They had never used glitter before.  The plan was to have one for mom, dad, and him to wear for dinner.   They never actually got them on their heads, but it was a fun project nonetheless.  Now, the Parakeet is just deciding whether to keep them for next year or toss them to have less stuff sitting around.

To follow-up with this activity, the family went to the earlier service at church last Sunday because the Wise-Men were going to process and bring their gifts.  O doesn’t usually sit in service – he usually goes straight to nursery. But, he was excited to see the “kings” and the “wise-men”.   He watched them with a lot of interest and as they processed out, he turned to his Mom and said, “Wise-men have to go to their cars now”.
So, he kind of gets it?



Long Time Readers, The Parakeet owes you an apology.  She hasn’t been filling you in on even the highlights of her hectic life in the city with a toddler and a husband.  Yes, husbands make things hectic. Do you have one?
It is part of her New Year’s Resolutions to get back on the blog.  Twice a week, you will hear from the little Bird.

Writing for this blog and choosing pictures and links is a nice little creative outlet, but more importantly – she has realized that it is her scrapbook and her memory lane.
Little O is getting so big these days.  He is going through so many changes, and because there is no large photo album in this house, she must take to the computer and catch it all before time, as they say, flies.

Looking forward to hearing more from all of you!