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For a Friend

The Parakeet is lucky to have some pretty great people in her life and to have crossed paths with many, many great people along the way.

Two of her dear friends, Dana and Hunter, moved to LA four (?) years ago from Chicago to pursue their acting dreams.  They accidentally started a successful blog while planning their wedding.  They have also both scored some pretty sweet performing gigs as well.
Dana, though, has battled an unique illness through all of this.  The Parakeet sends her love to Dana out in LA and asks all of you to read Dana’s post below on dealing with this autoimmune disease.  She has started a fundraiser and you can help with recipes or dollars – but her story also gives some real food for thought to the whole I-want-to-be-an-artist-but-I-still-need-Health-Insurance thing.  It’s tough and this is a great human example of the situation.
Thanks for checking her out:

Dishing for Dana


A Couple Earthy Things

So.. it’s no secret that the Parakeet has a heart for environmental issues. If memory serves correct, there were even green recycling triangles on her campaign posters in seventh grade for Student Council Secretary.

She tries to make choices that will reduce her consumption in general.  Of course – there are just so many choices in a day – you can’t get them all “right”.

During June, her church is doing a sermon series on Creation Care. It has been so refreshing and interesting learning about conservation from a spiritual perspective.  The church has a composter in their garden any member can come dump kitchen waste in for free.  The Parakeet really wants to get a bucket.  The Huz really wants her to forget about this idea.  Any compost-ers out there? Suggestions?

The Huz and the Parakeet are getting their veggies, eggs, and meat this summer from a CSA largely for environmental reasons. It’s also yummy and healthy. They have used cloth diapers primarily for Little O since he was about one month old.  This saves money, but it really helps the environment.

Recently, the Parakeet borrowed this book from the library.  The crafts are lovely and it was an excellent reminder that often what we ‘need’ is right here in our homes.  OK – there are some extremes the bird will not go to – women’s cloth? No. That might make common sense, but it doesn’t make family sense.  There will be no covered enamel pot of soaking soiled fabric in their bathroom. A contradiction after cloth diapers? Probably.  One that the family is comfortable with? Definitely

But speaking of the diapers and of contradictions – they have to be washed every other day. twice. Then dried.  The Huz and Parakeet’s pastor announced that he and his wife decided not to use their dryer anymore. It’s a big strain on the power grid. Woah.  The Keet decided, though, that she could stop drying those diapers. The basement already has line hung all over the place and clothespins. So this week – the diapers and inserts have hung to dry. It’s working fine since usually the Parakeet does this laundry at night anyway – going to bed when she moves the diapers to the dryer and getting them in the morning. Now – she is hanging them on the line and getting them in the morning.

This is making her feel better about running the ACs constantly – maybe it will sort of kind of even out? Who knows? But mentally…it feels good.

Her new philosophy is that all the little things DO matter – take cloth bags to the store. Rinse out the ziploc baggies. Just don’t buy so many things.  Then – all the other times – when she goes through the drive-thru or buys a cheap plastic toy made in China or eats conventionally grown veggies from California in off-season – it’s OK. Because NOBODY is perfect.

End of Month

Nearing the end of October, here are a few things the Parakeet is really enjoying. What are you enjoying?

-The National Park documentary on PBS
-Pumpkins and Squash, in oh so many forms
-Peppermint Tea
-Little O’s new dance moves
-SeaSource Detox Spa Cleanse
-Journal Time
-Trips to the Library
-The Colors of Fall Leaves- this year is an extra special “Wow”

What are you enjoying?

A Little Garden

The week or so after the family got back from Texas, maybe a week into June, the Parakeet finally got around to tending her garden.
It was a new experiment last year and she was pleased to see that the Astilbes she had planted grew back.
The Hosta, however, has taken over! He has been nicknamed “the Hostile Hosta”.  He’s the Grandpa of her little growing patch and he will probably be halved.
Little O and the Keet took a trip to Sears and Home Depot and loaded up the bright orange cart with marigolds, petunias, coleus and one indoor plant.  She came home, put Little O down for a nap, and set outside with the baby monitor. Two garbage bags full of weeds and lots of potting soil later – she had planted what she bought.
Things are growing up nicely in their little backyard. 

garden blog
back from the store
garden blog 2lots o’ weeding
garden blog 3window box…check
garden blog 4and we’ll see how they grow, and if someone *ahem* could mow that grass…

After this afternoon treat, the Parakeet read a sweet little blog about a Purple Garden – Ahhh, why didn’t she think of that?  Next year…


The Parakeet is looking forward to:

-picking up her first batch of veggies from the CSA tomorrow.
-watching her flowers grow right out of their window boxes
-cook-out after cook-out – hopefully with smores
-a hike through starved rock complete with Little O
-using that fabulous self-tanner
-taking Little O to the beach
-the fireworks in Winnemac Park – just a few more weeks 🙂
-spending more mornings drinking coffee with the Huz

Things Moms Talk About

The day before they left on the crazy road trip Little O didn’t really get a morning nap.  Little O is VERY routine. So, this was super unusual.  What was the change? Well, The Parakeet didn’t change his diaper before she laid him down.  He was still for a few minutes and sort of fussed for ten.  She got him up, changed his diaper, and that was it. He wanted no more napping. Those fifteen or twenty minutes were all he was going to sleep.  OK. Usually, he sleeps about an hour and a half in the morning. Ugh.  She knew, though, that it was best to keep him up until the afternoon nap, so they went for a walk. She had to deliver some Arbonne product and decided to do it with O in the stroller.
While they were walking, Her sis-in-law called. She was working to keep her son up just a bit longer before his nap so that he would poo.  Lately, he had been poo-ing during his nap and it was waking him up.  Turns out at 19 months, you also can not sleep with your poo.  The Parakeet and her sis-in-law talked about this whole predicament for nearly fifteen minutes.
Yes. Children and their poo. 
Is this what has become of her life?
Later, they did get into the pros and cons of suburban life and the craziness of our healthcare system.  But, still…
It also brought to mind this commercial:


So, the Parakeet and the Huz have been talking for more than a year about joining a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Local Farms bring fresh produce into the city and you can pick up a basket every week.  Pretty cool, huh?
So, sometime around Easter Sunday, the Parakeet was standing in the back of church with O and saw a flyer for a CSA – that delivers to their church. PerfectO!
She did a little online research and decided to go for it.  They are going to get fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, and eggs beginning mid-June through October. Is that so exciting?
It’s totally the opposite of the Costco-loving girl she was a few months ago, but Costco is quickly losing its charm.  That’s another post…

So, the Parakeet and the Huz are looking forward to planning their menus around the veggies, blending up local, organic food for O, and reducing their carbon footprint – even just a little.

They are like NERD excited about it actually – fresh fruits and veggies, look out!!

To see what farms they have a “share” in, check out

To find a CSA near you, check out