Little O recently wrote on the wall with markers.  Consequently, he is not allowed to use markers unless a grown-up is with him.  On New Year’s Eve, the Parakeet was working to get the horror that was her room clean enough for their friends to put a pack n play in there for their baby.  Little O wasn’t up for folding his parents clothes and opted to color.  The Parakeet agreed as long as he was in the hall outside her room. 
He colored a while.  She spent an embarrassing amount of time unpacking, sorting, folding and picking up a wardrobe worth of clothes from the floor.
When she checked on the O, she noticed a bright pink A on the wall above the stairwell.  When asked about it, Little O said he needed everyone to know this was a one “A” house.  Whatever that meant it wasn’t a reason to write on the wall.
He spent five minutes facing the wall and had his markers taken away until further notice.

When they were going to bed for the night, he wanted to help with the prayer.  He is usually content for Mom to pray, but he asked to learn something new and repeat what Mom said.  Remembering something she once learned, the Parakeet tried to include some adoration, confession, and thankfulness before asking for something from God – the Parakeet reached confession and said, “I am so sorry for the bad choices I made today”.
Rather than repeating, Little O said, “Excuse me, mom”
“What if we didn’t make any bad choices today? I can’t say that”
” I seem to remember a pretty bad choice with some markers on the wall”
” Oh yes, OK…I’ll say this:  Hi. God.  I’m sorry for the one bad choice I made today”

Oh Dear.  What are they in for with this one?


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